How do I make an appointment? 

Visit our booking page button below to make an appointment.  You can then choose a time and date that work well for you or a member of your family.  Please call (706) 590- 9218 if you are having issues with scheduling an appointment. 

How Long Does It Take for My Lab Tests to Result?

Typically, lab results take between 24 to 48 hours, depending on the facility where the sample was dropped off. However, specialty tests may require several days for processing.

How Will My Doctor Get My Results?

Your doctor will receive your test results directly from the lab we drop off at.

Should I Fast for My Bloodwork?

Some tests require patients to fast beforehand. For example, fasting test orders entail abstaining from food and liquids for 8 to 12 hours. During fasting periods, patients are permitted to drink water or black coffee without cream or sugar. We strive to schedule patients who need to fast earlier in the day, minimizing the duration of fasting. 

Can My Doctor's Office Fax You My Lab Orders?

Yes, please have them fax your lab orders to (888)375-3895 


What are your Service Fees?

Lab Collection and Drop off- $85 

Specialty Collection Kits - $120

Therapeutic Phlebotomy - $185

Please Call if you are not in the Cumming, Ga - Forsyth County.

**Any Location outside the area above will pay an additional fee:

Alpharetta, Ga: $35

Johns Creek, Ga: $35

Since we are a Family Owned Company we are limited to these 3 Cities.

How Can I Pay for Services?

We accept cash, and any major credit, or debit cards. Please note a 4% processing fee is applied if a credit or debit card is used.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Regrettably, we are unable to accept insurance at this time as there are no existing plans from insurance companies to include mobile phlebotomy services. Consequently, patients are required to cover the costs directly for our mobile lab services. Nonetheless, the laboratory responsible for processing your samples will send a bill to your insurance provider 

What if I Get a Bill from the Lab?

We advise you to carefully review your bill to verify whether the laboratory has billed your insurance. If not, please reach out to the laboratory's billing department and request them to submit the bill to your insurance provider. Additionally, if you've changed insurance providers, you may need to update them accordingly. Frequently, the lab requisition lacks the ICD-10 Code, which is essential for your insurance provider to understand the rationale behind the test. Failure to include this code may result in receiving a bill from the lab. Your prescribing doctor can provide the necessary ICD-10 codes. 

Terms of Service

True Health Mobile Phlebotomy services is responsible for the drawing and delivery of laboratory specimens. THMP does not collect any specimens without a physician order or a request from a laboratory.  THMP is not allowed to give any medical advice, treat, or diagnose anyone.

True Health Mobile Phlebotomy services needs patient identification, a copy of order and a copy of the insurance card (front and back) 48hours before scheduled appointment. If we do not receive the requested information in the time range mentioned, then the scheduled appointment will be considered canceled. This is extremely important so that we have adequate time to prepare for the blood draw and that we perform our job correctly.

True Health Mobile Phlebotomy services handles the delivery of all samples to their proper laboratory. If a sample is being collected for a laboratory that needs to be picked up via courier service, THMP is not responsible for any delay of arrival to the laboratory, due to weather conditions or any other problems that may occur once the sample has been delivered or picked up by courier service.

True Health Mobile Phlebotomy services is not responsible for any errors that may occur at the laboratory. It is the labs responsibility to process specimen once received by THMP. In the event of a lab error, THMP would gladly return to recollect the sample at a discounted rate. Any error made by THMP will be corrected by re-drawing at no extra charge; as long as all correct paperwork was submitted adequately prior to appointment.

Any errors in collection caused by True Health Mobile Phlebotomy (drawing the wrong tubes, unable to obtain a satisfactory blood flow to collect the specimen etc.) will not incur a charge to the patient or will be redrawn at no additional charge to the patient.

True Health Mobile Phlebotomy services makes every attempt to have contact with the patients prior to the draw. 

Please be considerate, in the event an appointment needs to be cancelled, True Health Mobile Phlebotomy needs to be given a 24-hour notice. You may reach us by phone or via email or text.

If we arrive at the appointment for the blood draw and are unable to collect the specimen due to circumstances beyond our control – example (the patient refuses, fasting blood draw was scheduled but the patient ate food, the patient did not drink plenty of water, etc.) the patient will remain responsible for the full charges of the draw. 


Any billing questions or problems for tests collected for this service should be directed to your insurance company or the laboratory billing department.

How Can I View My Lab Results?

The majority of laboratories we deliver to include an app that lets you view your results. If not, your doctor will review your results at the time of your appointment.